Thursday, July 12, 2007

i am going to smack your bottom- that is a little forward don't you think
over knee lady- version 2.0 now with red lacy panties and leather strap
over skirt spanking
- don't be surprised if she is tapping her fingers or humming from boredom
hairbrush spank her bottom thighs- That is getting a little too close to the knees for my comfort
spots on thighs- I think that you should be talking to a doctor, but thanks for the visit
people who were spanked with belts
- were found to have a red bottom
over knee bare bottom lesson- In my experience the lesson is better learned when something is striking the bottom with force
the reasons get excited when spanked- That would take a long time to answer throughly.
heard the sounds of spanking through the walls- I wonder if that was our neighbors.

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