Friday, June 15, 2007

bend over knee bed table spanking- I am always willing to try new positions but that one sounds a bit tricky.

lady gets spanking- Lady gets sore ass too!

bath brush spanking
- OH NO please not the bath brush! (that is one of my least favorite implements)

tied to bed and spanked stories- I like how you think *grin*

spanked on my bottom and thighs in public- Oh a girl can only dream. . .

otk bratting- Take it from me that is not a good idea, unless you just don't care about sitting for a few days. Never brat off when your bottom is vulnerable!

paddle hand spanking- STOP! Paddles are not meant for hands, but when paired up with a naughty ass they can be quite effective.

bare ass getting spanked- Yep that happens around here quite frequently.

i needed to be spanked i handed him the paddle- "Oh I promise I will capitalize my "I's" from now on, OUCH! OUCH!"

submit to him panties punishment- If you mean by punished my panties are thrown on the floor and then subjected to my blazing ass when they are put back on, then I guess you could say my panties are punished.


Dat Guy ! said...

Sounds good to me.

But, then again, it, obviously

(Idle hands, an' all.)

xx, Dat Guy !

Jane said...

Hi Erin,

I've just read all of your blog. You're one lucky girl to have a man like Chris who takes the time to discipline you as he sees. I'd love for John to be half as enthusiastic about DD.
How was it giving over control of your orgasms? Was it difficult or did it make it all that much more intense?

Have a happy week.

PS. thanks for the link.

Bonnie said...


Those are great! I'm always amazed by the phrases people type into search engines. What, I wonder, could they possibly have been thinking?

Some of my favorites are the people who seek to beat, whip, flog, paddle, or spank an innocent pair of panties. Spankings are much more effective when they're filled.

I hope you're enjoying a great weekend!


Erin said...

Dat Guy- Thanks for the comment.

Jane- Chris is amazing and with time I am sure that John can be the same. It just takes time and communication. As for the orgasms, it is both difficult and intense, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Also, thank you for the link.

Bonnie- I know what you mean, there are some weird ways that people have landed on my blog. As for the panties, mine are not always so innocent *grin*

I enjoyed all the comments, thanks.